About Us and Our Lovely Eco Hosting Company

Welcome!  I'm Jak, and I run Trees For Hosting with Nicky.

We've been making websites and hosting our customers' sites for a few years now.  We also have a passion for nature and living life in a way that does not impact on those around us and this beautiful planet of ours.

With that in mind, we decided to launch Trees for Hosting, so that the work we do, and the energy that's used by the products and services we provide, can be offset by planting trees.


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About Our Tree Planting

Yes, absolutely, we plant a tree for every single hosting plan we sell.

Our trees are all broad leaf UK native species and are planted in the UK.

It's pretty impossible to calculate exactly how much CO2 your website will use, which is why we plant a tree for every hosting account we, sell for every year you're with us.  Yep, not just the first year!

We reckon this is the best way to ensure you have a green website

So, that's approximately 1 Tonne of CO2 offsetting for your website every single year.  With the average website using a fraction of a tonne of CO2, we're pretty confident that your site will be carbon neutral, and in all probability will be carbon negative.

Plant a tree when you launch your next web project by choosing Trees for Hosting!

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