Thinking about trees....

Written by Nicky
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I came across this Chinese proverb this morning

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now. "

Made me have a little think about the benefits of tree planting and how trees play such an important role in our everyday lives, but also how the trees that we plant today will be of benefit to our children in 20 years time.

For instance, if I planted an oak tree today, and it continued to thrive and was without disease, it would be a decent sized tree by the time my children reach 30. Maybe they could then collect the acorns from underneath it with their own children, and help them to climb its branches. Or maybe they could collect some of it's wood for their log burner. They could picnic in the shade provided by the leaves, and wonder at the wildlife nestled in it's thick trunk. I wonder how much the world will have changed in 20 years?

Let's plant more trees so that these simple things in life can still be enjoyed by future generations.