Swinging in the trees #Go Ape!

Written by Nicky
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This Sunday, we made use of the prize that I won from the Forestry Commission's "Hug A Tree" photo competition.   We were sent activity vouchers for Go Ape!  For those of you not familiar with these guys, they offer treetop activity adventures nationwide.

And when I say 'treetop', I really mean it!  You are literally climbing, swinging, balancing, jumping and laughing your way around the forest!  We went to the one in Woburn Safari Park... so, after seeing a few giraffes and the like, we found our way to the Go Ape! cabin, and were briefed by an instructor on how to stay safe on our 3 hour adventure. The number one rule, we were told, was "stay attached!"

So, with this at the forefront of our minds, we set off around the course, high above the forest floor. We encountered tightropes, wobbly bridges, rope swings and zip wires.   Very fast zip wires!  I, unfortunately didn't manage to stay on my feet at the end of any of these zip wires... choosing rather to let the wire drag me backwards through the freshly raked heap of wet wood chip... nice!  

We were so lucky with the weather.  A beautiful, crisp Autumn day with warm golden sunshine streaming through the branches of the trees.  It was a truly brilliant day.  Lots and lots of laughter! And we came away with a real sense of achievement too.

Especially Jak, who is terrified of heights.  Even more so, when he managed to land on his feet after the very last zip wire.... whilst i got busy removing wood chip from my pants!

Thanks Forestry Commission for giving us the opportunity to do something that we probably wouldn't have thought about doing!  

And if you are thinking about having a go... you really, really should.  It was ace!