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Here's the science bit

Written by Nicky

We all know it's a good thing to plant more trees, but there's nothing like a load of very clever blokes telling you you're right while stroking there beards and nodding  - Here's what the boffins said about tree planting back '09 -


What else can you do?

Written by Nicky

What else can you do to help our woodlands and forests?  We can all do a lot more than you think - the crew and Love Forests have made a decent list for starters:


What's so great about trees?

Written by Nicky

Everything!  Try this lot to begin with:

- Trees give a home to three quarters of the Earth's animals and plant species a tree absorbs about a tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime here in the UK

- During the early years of it's life, a tree absorbs more carbon emissions

- In a year, one tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 people

- Trees replenish the earth with vital nutrients from the air

- Trees help to sustain a balanced Eco-system and bio-diversity

- Trees provide a sustainable source of timber used in many of our everyday objects

- They provide shelter from direct sunlight which can cool the ground temperatures

- Trees can reduce daytime temperatures by about 5 degrees, through shade and by evaporating moisture from their leaves

They're also brilliant for climbing, conkers and tree houses. 



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