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We only plant native trees - it's important!

Written by Nicky

Planting a native tree is almost as important as planting a tree in the first place.

It's no good just getting any old tree, plonking it down somewhere and thinking "that's one tree planted!" There's more to it than that.

For a start, if you are having to transport trees and seeds that have been sourced in Europe or elsewhere, just think of the unnecessary transport costs and pollution that would be generated.... kind of defeats the object somewhat of planting a tree in the first place! And planting a native tree means that the tree can easily adapt to the local conditions and is therefore more likely to thrive and survive. Then there's the business of keeping the landscape and woodlands that are unique to our country going, so that we can preserve our local natural heritage.

So... that's why Trees for Hosting only ever plant native trees.... it's important.


Tress In The City

Written by Nicky

About ten years ago, Jak and i lived in Vauxhall, in South London.... right on the river. It was a nice place to live and we felt very lucky. When we decided to move to North London to be closer to our friends and workplaces, we were reluctant to leave the Thames and thought that we would miss it. However on our very first visit to N10, we realised something. Stepping out of the tube at Highgate, right next to the ancient woods there, we were amazed to immediately notice the quality and freshness of the air. Right by the very busy fume filled Archway Road, we were still able to breathe in huge lungfuls of fresh air. It was an easy decision for us, thereafter to move to a flat, just across the road, where we continued to live happily for years.

We used the woods a lot during our time there. It was like being in a completely different place altogether. Although we lived in a crazily busy area, we were able to cross that road and get lost amongst the many oak trees, feeling like we were in the middle of the countryside somewhere.

And did we miss living on the river? No, give me the 70 acres of woodland to wander through over the stinky Thames any day!


How to plant a tree

Written by Nicky

It's very east to plant a tree, but it does take a little thought and with anything of this nature it's always worth a quick swap before you let rip - those clever folk over at wikiHow have a rather nice article on how it should be done, with pictures an' all.

Or you could always let Trees for Hosting plant one for you when you take out a web hosting account with us?


A Definition

Written by Nicky

Yeah, the definition we are talking about is "Carbon Offset", and this pretty much sums it up we think: 

"A financial donation or other act that aims to remove a certain amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to compensate for another carbon dioxide emitting activity, e.g. a flight."

(taken from

We plant a tree for every hosting account we sell and for every year you stay with us thereafter.  You get to Carbon offset your Website and we all have loads more lovely trees on the planet.  Hurrah!


International year of the forests 2011

Written by Nicky

What better year to start thinking about your own impact on the environment, and how you can start to make a difference by planting a tree to offset some of your carbon emissions?

It's Internatinal Year of the Forests!



UK planting

Written by Nicky

 UK Forestry Tree Planting Locations

Localised Community Plantings... the trees we plant on your behalf will enrich and adorn the "Great British Landscape" across all UK regions. we achieve this by utilising our national data of existing and potential public tree planting sites derived from within the alliance of horticulturists, foresters and tree nurseries which makes up the CFOP. With exception of our 5,000 hectare commercial forestry plantings, the majority of all planting locations are open to the public.


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